Our philosophy is based on an extreme availability vis-à-vis our customers.
Our teams are made up of more than 350 well- trained and motivated employees, selected in a rigorous way.
Our responsiveness is at the service of your success.
Sense of service
We put at your disposal our expertise and business knowledge to support you in transforming your business.
Global presence

Created in 2010 by IT & Service professionals, Adaming Group has become a major player in outsourcing. It is one of the leading francophone outsourcer’s in the externalization of services. The Group employs over 350 employees in four agencies in France (Paris, Lyon, Lille, Nantes), in Spain, in Morocco, in Algeria and a service center in Tunis in Tunisia with more than 50 consultants.
Adaming Group has a diversified expertise and offers its customers full answers in the field of web, mobility, collaborative solution and business software developments. Adaming Group offers its expertise and businesses knowledge to support you in transforming your business.
Today, the group is engaged with thirty prestigious companies operating in different sectors (banking, insurance, services, media, industry, etc ...).
Team spirit and sense of service.
Timely delivery of projects; punctuality, discipline and dynamism of our teams.
Reasoned decomposition, setting relevant relations and extensive analyzes.
Ingenious, creative resources providing innovative solutions.
Cutting edge Knowledge and technology for optimal results.
Intelligible processes and clear working methods.